Madhya Pradesh Human Development Report 2007     

      An enabling and supporting environment is important for human development as any other initiative in furthering growth and building equity. At the Same time it means putting people at the centre of development, building their capabilities, and enhancing their opportunities. Infrastructure and human development are linked closely and basic infrastructure makes a significant impact on people's development. For Madhya Pradesh, with its historical backwardness, creating infrastructure is a major challenge as well as a great opportunity. While implementing programmes, the Government needs to ensure that its policy priorities and investment decisions in infrastructure are guided by where they are required most - the marginalized citizen.  

      This is the 4th Report looking at Human Development in Madhya Pradesh, following the 1st Report published in 1995. While the previous Report identified areas of concern and gaps in programme implementation, the Madhya Pradesh Human Development Report 2007 advocates making basic infrastructure the priority. It further explores the deficit zones that needs immediate attention for equitable growth in the State.  

Chapter-1 : Infrastructure & Human Dev. in MP 

Chapter-2 : Physical Connectivity 

Chapter-3 : Energy

Chapter-4 : Communication Infrastructure

Chapter-5 : Migration & Urbanization

Chapter-6 : Financial Infrastructure

Chapter-7 : Human Development-Status 2007




Hindi Version

अध्‍याय-1: अधोसंरचना और मानव विकास एक परिचय

अध्‍याय-2: भौतिक सम्‍पर्क

अध्‍याय-3: विद्युत उर्जा

अध्‍याय-4: संचार अधोसंरचना

अध्‍याय-5: प्रवासन और शहरीकरण

अध्‍याय-6: वित्‍तीय अधोसंरचना

अध्‍याय-7: मानव विकास 2007 की स्थिति



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